Business-to-Business (B2B)

Discountlight is the lighting wholesaler for the installer market. Our main focus is to supply installers with top quality light sources, fixtures and matching components.

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  • We provide top quality lighting at a competitive price.
  • Top brands: Philips, Noxion, Osram, LEDvance and others.
  • Discountlight has its own lighting designers who visit you on location.
  • We extend free lighting plans or advice for your projects.
  • Fast delivery in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Our mission

We engage every project with a personal approach. And for a good reason. Since every lighting project is different; it is not fixed which light sources or fixtures are best suited. Therefore, we are happy to advise our customers on which LED lighting is the right fit for every individual project. Our technical recommendations are what distinguishes us from other suppliers. We also keep a close eye on stocks of our products throughout the year. Where necessary, we anticipate and replenish products as quickly as possible. By doing so, we can continue offering larger quantities, combined with a fast delivery time. This ensures that our customers can quickly start installing the lighting on site.



We provide the French installer market with top quality light sources, fixtures and components with a competitive price.

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21, rue Ferdinand Buisson

53810 Changé , France

+33 2 52 86 00 01


The Netherlands

We provide the Benelux installer market with top quality light sources, fixtures and components with a competitive price.

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Schootense Dreef 27

5708 HZ Helmond, The Netherlands

+31 40 767 61 01

Our approach

At Discountlight, our main goal is to offer purchasing advantages to installers. We purchase our products on a large scale and cooperate with international wholesalers. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible and always offer our customers the lowest price. Moreover, we only provide LED products and accessories that meet the high quality standards. To make sure that orders are delivered on time, we do business with specialized transporters who guarantee fast delivery and ensure the quality of delivery.

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If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, feel free to contact us. We usually respond within one workday.