About us

We are World Wide Lighting. A leading and fast growing e-commerce platform with many lighting products for the business market. The term sustainability is very important to us. Every day, we work with a team of enthusiastic employees to provide customers with the best lighting of various well-known top brands such as Noxion, Philips and Osram.

Focus on growth is an important part of our business. We do this by continuing to invest in the international market and by making our company more professional. Since sustainability and saving energy are key in todays world, the importance of LED lighting is rapidly growing. Thanks to our wide range of LED products, we are able to contribute, together with our customers, to making our planet cleaner.

Our mission

To educate and enable European SME companies to save energy and reduce emissions with LED lighting.

Our vision

The # 1 European online lighting company for SME, displayed by high profitable growth and customer satisfaction.

Our company values

We are a very ambitious organisation that has translated into an impressive growth of our company. We are an e-commerce lighting company and we are world wide active in 15 countries with 29 webshops. Over 200 enthusiastic colleagues are working continuously on pushing the bar of customer satisfaction to the next level.


Customer first

We keep our promises


Win-win cross team

Celebrate success together


Ownership & responsibility

Dare to lead


Always the right solution

Our extensive range and high quality products support each and every business to find their ideal lighting solution. Therefore, we explore the lighting market on a daily basis, so that we can improve and expand our assortment. To achieve the best results, we challenge our people to take initiative and take responsibility as well as motivate them to go the extra mile. In addition, the needs of our customers always come first! With a high level of specialized lighting knowledge, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for each customer.

Our green goal

We want to make European companies and homes greener. Switching to LED lighting is the fastest way to achieve this goal. That is what we like to do and what we stand for as an organization. We care about our planet. To continue doing our bit to reduce CO2 emissions, we choose top-quality products with a long lifespan, like our own brand Noxion. We see it as our responsibility to ensure a greener world through sustainable lighting solutions. This is an important goal of WWL and we do our utmost to achieve it.

How we offset our own CO2 emissions …

We like to do our bit for the creation of a cleaner world. Our goal is to be CO2 neutral by 2023. How do we achieve this? In cooperation with Land Life Company we plant trees that compensate for our CO2 emissions of the previous year. This forestation takes place on land that has been damaged in the past by, for example, natural fires or urbanisation. Currently, we have planted a total of 6,546 trees in the Freguesia de Tavares region of Portugal. This concerns 9.12 hectares of land that has already been restored. This has its advantages for both people and animals, as these trees filter carbon from the air for years and form a habitat for various animal species.

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A word from our team

The best way to get to know the company is when you get to know our team. They represent our passion, ambition and flexibility & openness to change. Together we will get the job done! World Wide lighting has over 200 employees and a few of them want to share their experience with you.

"From day one, the team was open to bring new ideas to the table. The people working here are the biggest asset. Within WWL I get a lot of creative freedom to improve the brands we work on. "

- Vinod Sukumar, graphic designer

"Every workday is different and the best thing about my job are the people I work with. They make the difference. Every day we try to achieve the lowest costs and fastest delivery for a happy customer. "

- Jacob Otter, operations manager

"I work at WWL to help our customers with high quality lighting, our employees with an entrepreneurial working environment and our planet with sustainable LED lighting. "

- Carel van Boetzelaer, CEO

"To have the opportunity to keep WWL as market leader is where I get energy from. We are a fast moving team with a winners mentality,"

- Emma Carlson, Nordics

Our companies

World Wide Lighting consists of a number of companies and units, each with its own specialisation. Get to know all the parts of WWL and we will be happy to tell you more on our company pages.


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